Mt. Washington Cog Railway
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A Second Train Comes Over the Final Rise

Bill & Will on the Summit with our Engine and Tender

The "Great Gulf" Engine

Cog Gears

"Tim's Hands"

On July 16, 1998, we visited this historic railroad, which climbs the western slope of Mt. Washington.  Starting above 2000 feet elevation, the 45-minute trip takes visitors up to the summit of Mt. Washington.  At 1000 feet higher than Denver, it's the highest peak on the eastern seaboard.

The engines and coaches aren't all 120+ years old, but this standard gauge railway is, and the equipment and operations are much the same as envisioned when it was planned right after the US Civil War, except for the OSHA-approved hearing protection the engine crew gets to wear.  Each coach is pushed up the mountainside alone by a coal-fired steam engine, driven by an Engineer, stoked by a Fireman, and the passengers rely on the return trip on the skills of the coach's Brakeman, as the engine and coach aren't actually connected, except through bumpers.


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