Oct. 5, 1995

 These Teachings – God's Nature – Spiritual Health – The Spiritual Realm 

5:43 am to
6:53 am

I, the Holy Spirit, have "given" you this title. You still are not a classic meditator, meaning one with the developed ability to quiet your mind, leaving it open for thoughts, ideas, impressions from some other source. Some good meditators bring to consciousness impressions from their own unconscious, which can be a rich source of wisdom, even, but, finally, it is from yourself.

This is possible for you, but I intervene. You are "hearing" me, and I am offering you what We now call Teachings... words, thoughts, ideas, truth… all related to a theme expressed in a title. Oh, sometimes I digress, in a sentence to a paragraph, but very few are truly rambling. I come back to the central theme, so that what is in the Teaching can be identified by the title, generally. A Teaching is, by the "ritual" We’ve developed, exactly three pages of your handwriting on this lined paper. It could be longer or shorter, but it rarely varies from Our pattern. Why this ritual? You are only moderately disciplined. You tend to think rather freely and are not a slave to neatness, tidiness, and order. I need you to be a bit more in the direction of these characteristics, and I want you to be able to expect, with certainty, how long, or how short, a Teaching will be. For some could be longer. Others could be shorter. But somewhat like the porridge for Goldilocks, three pages is always "just right". Why? Just because that’s the way I want it to be.

Dorothy asked you yesterday how My voice sounded. You tried to answer, and you did, fairly well. You hear no actual voice, with an accent and tonal qualities. Yet "hearing" is still the best term for what you experience. I am offering thoughts, and I do this at other times in your daily life, too, but the ones for a Teaching are more insistent… and you do "hear" words that are to be emphasized, by underlining or capitalization. Thus, when you read one aloud you can mimic what you "heard", in this mystical fashion.

When Teachings don’t seem to be consistent this can be because you have not been accurate in turning what you "hear" into written words. (Like, why did you say "turning into" instead of "transcribing"?) I obviously know what you’re writing, so if I want you to phrase it differently I can do so immediately. Another alternative is to just leave it as you’ve written it and correct it in subsequent Teachings.

So you are not perfect as hearer and writer. The other reason for apparent inconsistency is that I am not always consistent. Remember that first commandment… you shall have no other Gods before Me. For some, I would be a "better God" if I were absolutely consistent. That is not My Nature. I can be quite situational and quite adaptive. I am much more a both/and Being than an either/or. Apparent inconsistencies can each be true, given different contexts.

You have now printed the title for the third time, a good way of reminding you what the theme is… and it also reminds Me. For most of these are more like conversational muses than organized lectures. I do digress, and I need to be brought back to order, as well.

Yet, WHY? Why do I have you spend this time from your still busy life, writing these pages that We call Teachings? In one sense, as I have told you before, it represents My desire to have fun. I choose you, an unlikely person for such a task, I bring you along "just right", and then I offer the opportunity to you. Could you have refused? Theoretically, yes. Actually, no. As you’ll know again when you return to My spirit realm We worked this out before you took human form. The plan has developed quite well, even as We’ve both had to adapt some.

But of course there is another more serious reason. I now want more recognition of spirit as a part of what your culture calls health. I want health to be more positive. And I want the health of this physical environment of the earth to be sustained on a par with human health. I want you to teach toward such goals, and so I (and you) have devised a way for Me to help… and this is it.

It also is a rather unique "diary" of your life, since May of 1979. I still have more to say, and you surely shall not tire of hearing Me, even if you can’t clearly explain how. See… just three pages.