Sept. 9, 1995

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There are some obvious differences among those who call themselves Christians. I like this, and, in some ways, I am the cause of the differences. I’ll review a distinction I made to you in some earlier Teaching between "fundamentalists". One type tries to know the Bible quite thoroughly and sees this as THE WORD of God. They want their own life and the lives of others to "fit" Scripture… at least certain selected verses. Others who consider themselves equally fundamental are those who would live according to My words and My life as Jesus. A third, and lesser, type are those I call Mystics, who hear Me directly in every age and who try to live by My teachings, however they are received.

The "Christian right" in your culture at this time are mostly those who value Scripture highly, certainly including Old Testament practices and prohibitions. There are a few who receive revelations from Me, but not much, really, about political issues. I don’t directly and specifically call on any of My servants to be a rabid, active Republican. But, then, there is that Scripture advising you to be cold or hot but not lukewarm, lest I spew you out of My mouth. Ah Me, Scripture can be too useful.

Another comment on family values: David was a chosen one of Mine and My favorite king. His first wife (apparently) was Michel, who didn’t approve of his actions in dancing before the Lord and before the Ark… and she told him so, in an act of feminine and wifely assertiveness. He declared that she would be barren in their marriage, and she was. Then, later, he was captivated by Bathsheba, another man’s wife. He then laid with her, impregnated her, and sent her husband off to be killed in battle (which he, as king, could do). Then they were married, but I proclaimed that this child would die, and it did. Then came Solomon, whom I blessed, in the lineage of David to Me, as Jesus. And Solomon had many wives and even more concubines. These are not exactly models for American family values, now are they?!

What about free enterprise as good economics? You read that Solomon was good at this, but it finally pulled him away from pure allegiance to Me. In Ecclesiastes he writes that work is of no eventual consequence, but you might as well enjoy it, since nothing else much matters either. As Jesus I overturned the tables of the money changers outside of the temple and ordered them to desist. But this was good business, by good entrepreneurs. Sacrifices had to be purchased, and secular money had to be changed into sacred cash. And those who did the changing were meeting a need and working for a living. Why did I come down on them so hard, if I approved of free enterprise? Hmmm.

Welfare is a difficult issue for Christians, as it should be. As Jesus I admonished My followers to give to the poor, without clear restrictions as to why they were poor. I also said "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s…", which implied, at least, that I didn’t disapprove of taxation… and didn’t indicate how it was determined what the government took… as long as I, as God, got My share. Yet "right wingers" are often against welfare, even as it provides only for basic needs.

They are generally against abortion, for every life conceived is sacred. Yet they would reduce or cut off aid to these children who are born and are, presumably, sacred. As I have suggested before, welfare is symbolically like unto grace… something freely given which is undeserved. Can Christians be in favor of one and not the other? Apparently.

So, do I reject these whose aim is to take over control of the government so that My Christian values will prevail? Naturally not, but I have to smile at how they "paper over" the contradictions that are inherent in a truly conservative posture. I smile equally at the machinations of Christian liberals, who use other Scriptures to defend equally dangerous policies.

Vanity, vanity. Is it all vanity and a chasing after wind? Basically, yes. There are many paths to Me, but the fundamental requirement is a growing, developing spirit. Keep yours growing… with Me.

So it is