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3 Spencers

The Spencers
Bill, Cindy,
Will, John, & Anne

Silicon Valley Park

Also see our other page:
Blue Water Arts
A showcase for Bill's graphic and fine art

Some of our interests: Our little Jewels:
  • Sailing
  • Programming
  • Kids (We rated with RSACi)
Will   (3-1/2) John  (5 Minutes Old) Anne  (9 Days Old)

Bill & Cindy met in California, where we worked on the B-2 BomberB-2 Bomber.. (Cindy programmed the Flight Management Computer, and Bill managed Flight Control and Avionics software development & testing [at various times]). After winning the Cold War, it was time to do something else.

In 1995, we got married, moved from California to Kirkwood, Missouri (near St. Louis, where our sailing became a bit becalmed), changed jobs, and had our first child.  Nothing like packing all the stressors together in one year.  Five and a half years later, we have returned to California, settling in the beautiful oceanside community of Dana Point.

We now have two sons, Will and John, and A NEW DAUGHTER, Anne. That makes both sailing (and life in general) MUCH more interesting.

You can write to Bill& Cindy  (Will, John, & Anne still need some work on their reading before they learn to read email!).

Where in the heck is Kirkwood, Missouri? See maps.



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