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Blue Water Arts specializes in web site Design, Programming, and Production.  Below are three of our web sites, depicting various complexities and the various roles we've played in their creation.


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  About the Principal
     Bill Spencer

is a California software designer, artist, and author. You can see more of his work here .

Blue Water Arts is acting as the producer of this non-profit organization, managing the site establishment, monthly content, and site infrastructure updates.  We also provide graphics, form and CGI work. The site is here.

Spirit Farm

Spirit Farm presents the "Teachings of the Spirit", and Blue Water Arts did the site design.  It is currently having its 10,000 pages typed, and will come on line later in the year.  It is designed for inexpensive hosting on Unix servers, and optimized for0l Internet Explorer.  You can see the design here.

Lumen Controls' Site

Lumen's site was our first commercial web site (August - November 1996), built for simple and fast loading to Netscape 2.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0 browsers.

Simple graphics and an animation are used on the entry page, with fuller graphics and detailed product line descriptions available within the site. I shot and edited the product photographs and wrote the site's code.

Lumen was a small manufacturing company and, as they are now out of business, I'm able to show you their site here .


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